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Your hair deserves the best! This herb infused oil contains carefully selected, high-quality herbs; premium and essential oils blended to revitalize your hair and restore its strength and shine.

This special blend is sure to nourish, strengthen and protect your delicate hair.

Common Uses:

Less is more. A little goes a long way.

~Great for hot-oil treatments (natural and relaxed hair).

~Keep your locs nourished and well-groomed.

~Seal in the moisture after wetting the hair and applying the A4N Specially-Formulated, Moisturizing Hair Cream.

~Control the frizz when releasing or fluffing twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knots or roller-sets.

~Add extra de-tangling ability or "slip" to your favorite conditioner

Suggested use for hot-oil treatment: Cleanse and condition the hair normally. Heat oil by placing the desired amount in a cup. Place the cup in a bowl of hot water (do not get the oil too hot). Apply liberally to scalp, hair, ends and edges. Cover with a processing/plastic cap. Let oil remain on hair for 30-45 minutes (warm dryer or heat cap is optional) Lightly rinse with your favorite moisturizing conditioner.

A4N Tip: Try not to rinse out all the wonderful oils. Leave some of the product on your hair to maintain the nourishing properties until your next shampoo day.

Suggested use for sealing in moisture:
Use as the third step in your LCO moisturizing/sealing method. L=liquid (preferably water), C=cream, O=oil.
Rub a small amount (pea size) into your palm and apply to hair from root to tip. Apply liberally to ends and edges. Twist, braid, or style as usual.

Suggested use for extra de-tangling ability:
Apply a nickel size amount (more for longer hair) on top of your conditioner. Finger de-tangle or use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly. You can also mix oil in a cup or bowl with the desired amount of moisturizing conditioner. Apply liberally to your hair. Cover with a processing/plastic cap for 15-20 minutes before de-tangling.

Product color: Dark green
Shelf Life: 12 months after opening

Note: It is normal for herb sediments to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Feel free to discard once bottle is empty.

Bottle is recyclable.

See the Product Details page for more information.

Caution: If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your physician before using this product as it contains essential oils which could pose a risk.


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